Tuesday 3 December 2013

Some Changes, and an exciting launch!

So, has anyone noticed any changes around here?  Have you?

Well, you may have noticed that my blog has had a face-lift.  I thought it was time to customise rather than just using a blogger template, pretty though they are!  So, I lovingly folded and stacked some of my absolute favourite fabrics from my stash, and had my personal photographer … cough … Daddy, take some beautiful shots of these pretties.  Here's the shot he came up with, that I then played with a little to fit neatly on the blog banner … which is your favourite fabric?  I think mine s definitely the Pink Elephant … no wait, the little farm girl (the one with the cute bunting) … no, hang on, I think it's the Babushka one at the top …. OK, I just love them all!

The second change is that I now have a Facebook page … have you seen it?  Here's the link!  If you go and "like" my page, you'll get sneak peaks on projects I'm working on, and you can tell me about things you're working on too!  Go check it out!!

Then comes the big one … drum roll ... after people suggesting to me all the time…I mean ALL THE TIME that I should start a shop to sell some hand-made goodies, I have finally taken the plunge!  Can you see my new "Shop" tab?  If you click on it, you'll go straight to my shop which I have decided to do through Etsy for now … I like the idea of starting with a site that's been around for a while, though I know there are lots of other options out there too.  I have listed just a few things to start the ball rolling, but be assured I'll be adding more over the coming days and weeks, so be sure to check back now and again.  Oh, and don't be alarmed that it's all baby stuff at the moment, bigger sizes are on their way, and there'll be more and more variety before you know it!!

Now before you get worried that this blog will become all about selling, and never about any free tutorials or anything … DON'T WORRY.  I will still be doing regular free tutorials.  I love the fact that crafty Mummy blogs can be such a poole of resource for the beginner sewer, crafter, cook, Mummy.  That's how I've managed to develop my sewing skills over the past couple of years, and how I continue to develop them now.  And I really want to continue that theme.  So, if you want to use my tutorials to make the goodies for your munchkins, or even if you want to sell goods made from my tutorials (on a small scale of course) … please do!  (All I ask is that if you sell using my designs, please, please, please just credit the design to me.  It's just common courtesy after all, and I always make every effort to pay the same courtesy for any designs I use).  BUT, if you don't have the time, energy, confidence or interest in trying to make them yourself, then this shop is for you!! 

So, why take the plunge and start selling?  Well, I LOVE to sew and create, and there's no possible way that my two munchkins can ever wear all of the stuff I make.  So instead of it sitting unworn in their closets, I figured I'd just sell on the extras.  This is particularly the case when I create a new design.  I generally make 2 or 3 of them at least so that I can check they're going to work, and to take tutorial photos.  I figure that those extras might as well go to some other munchkin who will love to wear them as much as my girls do.  Of course, there's the income from this too.  My absolute dream is that by selling a few items in my shop each month, I can fund my craft habit hobby.  I'd love to be able to go guilt-free into a fabric shop and spend up, knowing that it's not eating into our family budget, but is instead funded by the hobby itself.  Anyway, that's the aim!

So, go have a browse, let me know what you think of my new look, and of my shop … enjoy!

Oh, and stay tuned for another instalment of "What's Mummy's Mummy Up To", coming VERY soon.  My mum has been working hard, and this time she's done a tutorial too!!  Just perfect for a Christmas gift for some lucky little people!!

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