Tuesday 31 December 2013

My top 5 posts from 2013

So, as I've browsed around a few blogs today, I've been reading some great 2013 run-downs and it prompted me to have a look at my blog stats and see just what my most popular posts of 2013 have been.  By far and away, my most popular posts are tutorials, and that's thanks to some great tutorial sites that often feature my posts.  You can see their buttons down the side of the page.  So here's the run-down of my top 5:

Number 5:  My Version of a Pillowcase (Kinda!) Nightgown … Hannah's Matching (but not) PJ's.
Do you remember this one?  This is what Hannah wore to Bethany's Pyjama-themed birthday party in March this year.  I like to think this one was popular because of the cute toddler chubby knees in this picture, and those super-adorable bottom 2 teeth, but you-know, a free tutorial might have had something to do with it too!

This was a super-fun project for me.  I was gifted this fabric via a Tutorial Exchange on Totally Tutorials, and was given free-reign to create whatever I liked.  Can't argue with that really!  These have been a super popular post, and I'm still receiving messages from people about these.  Thanks lovely readers!

Considering this project was only posted a few months ago, it's really been a hit to make it to number 3 in my list of most popular.  I love this design, and have made lots of them now.  I've also made them with different colour combinations.  Oh and (A-hem … shameless plug alert!!), there's one for sale in my shop right now if you're keen.  It's a really cute jungle-themed one.  And I have a girly one ready to add to my shop really soon too … keep an eye out!!

This one was an exciting post for me for a few different reasons … I was using some absolutely beautiful fabric, that I adore … I only wish there was enough left of this for some Mummy-sized PJ's.  Also, This was a pretty detailed design for me, and I learned a lot technically while creating it.  Lastly,  and most exciting of all, was that this post resulted in my first ever contact from one of my readers with a picture of the PJ's she'd made using my tutorial.  Thanks so much Tasha!  She made some changes along the way to better suit her skills, and I think she did absolutely fabulously.  You can read all about them here.  It was enough to warm this Mummy blogger's heart!  Anyway, Bethany adores these PJ's, and whilst it's a little hot to wear them at the moment in the middle of our Aussie Summer, I made them large enough to fit next year too, so here's hoping for two seasons out of these!

And now, for Number 1 ……. drum-roll!!

You might remember that I made these using a store-bought singlet-top in time for Bethany's Pyjama-themed party.  And my readers are not the only ones who like them … I think they're one of my favs from this year too, and Bethany is still wearing them.  They're simple, cute, feminine and oh, so comfy!

Anyway, so it seems like PJ's were a major hit on my blog this year, winter, summer and pillow-case style.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, my most popular post of my blogging life to date is still the Matching Scraps post, which was my first ever tutorial.  Can you believe that!?!  Talk about beginner's luck with that one.  It continues to score lots of hits, and be "pinned" on Pinterest more than any other post to date.

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings, and for having a go at some of my creations.  I love, love, LOVE hearing from my readers so feel free to whisk me an email to show me what you're up to, or follow me on Facebook so we can chat more regularly.  Wishing you all a great 2014 filled with everything your heart desires, and some crafting along the way!!

Wen xx

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