Tuesday 24 February 2015

I have THE MOST amazing readers!!

Over recent months I've again been blown away by how amazing and clever and kind and lovely you, my readers, are.  In fact, some of my readers have even been kind enough to contact me and share what they've made using my tutorials.  

I can't tell you just how much it makes my day when I get an email from a lovely reader.  When I started this blog, my purpose was to be part of the online community of lovely crafty people around the world, and to share (for free) any design ideas (sewing, crochet, cooking or others) that I have had, or that have worked out well for me.  I know that I have appreciated how much knowledge and how many crafty skills I have gained from reading and following tutorials from some amazingly talented bloggers over the years.  So thank you so much for reading and for trusting my ideas enough to actually cut into those precious fabric stashes and have a go.  Here's some of the wonderful work of just a small number of my readers ...

Sue wrote to me just a couple of weeks ago.  She's a lovely Nana to a little 10-month-old baby girl, and was keen to try shirring for the first time.  Here's what she made using my Summer Dresses from Baby Wraps tutorial ... I think this is almost the cutest thing I've seen.  I love the colours, and that ric-rac at the bottom just totally does it for me!  Sue is now going to embellish a pair of tights for her granddaughter to wear under this dress when she is too tall for it, so it can be worn as a top.  What a great idea!!   That's the thing with shirring ... there's always plenty of room to grow!

Chiara made this beautiful version of the Change-Mat Clutch.  I love, love, love the fabric choice ... so pretty and effective:

Karen pinned on Pinterest with this cute and colourful version of the Matching Scraps Memory Game.  I especially love the rainbow polkadot envelope pouch.  Do you know ... Matching Scraps was my first ever tutorial, and still my absolutely most-read post ... I call that beginners luck.
Krysta posted about a gorgeous little church dress here.  She used my Summer Frills Tutorial, and I love how a design I had envisioned as a summer play dress has been adapted to a much more dressy church dress, just with a different fabric choice.  Check this one out, because Krysta's little girl is adorable!!

And of course, I'm sure you remember when I posted about these gorgeous Arial PJ's that Tasha made using my Hoot -Hoot Winter PJ tutorial.  This is another of the top hitters to date on my blog.  I love it when an idea resonates with lots of others, and I especially love how Tasha altered the top of her PJ's to match her sewing skills and abilities.  

Anyway, thank you to my amazingly talented readers who not only managed to decipher my waffling in the tutorials, but also managed to create some absolutely stunning pieces.  And if you have made something from one of my designs, please take a pic and email it to me (whatsmummyupto@gmail.com).  I love seeing what you've created, and it would be so much fun to do plenty more of these posts to show just how clever my readers are!

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