Saturday 5 April 2014

Scrap-buster - Bunny Bags for Easter

Are you starting to feel Easter approaching, and not sure yet what you're gonna do this year?  Well, here's just a quick little post about a gorgeous pattern for an easter bunny bag to store easter goodies for your munchkins.
I found this for last year at Lil Blue Boo.  It's the Hungry Bunny free pattern download, and I think they turned out beautifully.  I made four of these ... for our girls and for two of our nieces.
 The things I love most about this design are that they're cute ... well that goes without saying ... they are great zipper practice for any zipper-nervous sewers like me, and they are awesome for scrap-busting too, as they look fantastic when the fabrics are mixed and matched.
They're also a super-quick sew ... I did all 4 in one evening.  Anyway, there's an easter project idea for you! ... And when I figure out what I'm going to do this year ... well, I'll let you know!  Ha ... ummm, anyone got any good ideas? ...


  1. these are really cute! What a great idea I may have to try these out!
    thanks for sharing