Sunday 20 January 2013

What's Mummy's Mummy Up To? - The 4 Fat Quarter Christmas Challenge

This is the first guest post on my blog by my Mum (aka Mummy's Mummy).  My mum is always creative and is an amazing seamstress, knitter, and is awesome at pretty much any other craft you can think of.  Any creativity that I possess definitely comes from her!  Sorry Dad!  So, a huge thanks to my Mum for trying her hand at blogging ... thinking of making a regular What's Mummy's Mummy up to series ... what do you think? Anyway, here's what Mummy's Mummy has been up to lately:

On the leadup to Christmas, I was doing lots of cooking to use as gifts for family and friends and making dolly beds and bedding for the dolls of our 2 younger granddaughters.   

When Wen asked what I would like as a gift this year I said ‘craft things, fabric or similar’.  Wen’s response was "If I give you fabric, will you make something with it and write about it for my blog?"

Now blogging is not my usual style.  I’m the one who hoards everything crafty, then spends a day sewing up whatever takes my fancy, changing methods, ideas and styles of what I had planned as I go.  But I agreed to give it a go, and I had lots of fun!

Wen gave me a four fat quarter bundle from Home Grown Pillows and Designer FabricsThe colours work well together and I especially like the fabric with the birds on it.  Because fat quarters are not very big, and I was finding this limiting for the ideas I had in mind, I purchased 1 metre of plain purple homespun to use as well. 
Now, if your challenge was to use these fabrics to make something, what would you do?  I decided that I had to use as much of each of the fabrics as possible to really get the most out of them.  Here's what I came up with:
Project 1:  Tote Bag.  The original idea for this bag came from a project sheet produced for Spotlight in 2010.  I have used it several times and find it a good size to carry knitting projects or to use for shopping while on holidays, but I do change it up a little each time to better suit my needs or taste.  
I used a different fabric for each side (as there's not enough in 1 piece for both sides) and added a side panel around the bag rather than squaring the bottom corners.  I also made the straps longer so they can be worn over my shoulder and added a zipper to the top so things don’t fall out.  Then, because I was in a very creative mood, I decided to add some quilting along the branches and around the birds.  I was really happy with the result.
Project 2:  Satchel Bag. Pattern from  As I still had a piece of the bird fabric, I decided to use it for the front pocket and back panels and homespun for the rest.  I put a zipper in the top too, rather than the magnetic clip suggested.  I will find this useful when I take a cruise in the near future, just as a carry-around on board for things like my room key and any other odds and ends.
Project 3: Babushka Doll.  I have had the pattern kit (from for this doll for many years and felt that this is the right time and the right fabric to finally make her.  I have added a rattle while stuffing her for added appeal to my young granddaughters.  I would have liked her to have a headscarf, but sadly my fabrics have all run out.  Oh well, next time!
Well, this Nanna has had a busy and most enjoyable weekend of crafts and now needs a rest.  Thanks for reading my first ever post.  What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Brilliant idea Wen, let's hope it turns out to be a regular column!