Wednesday 9 October 2013

Pattern Testing Fun

I recently volunteered to do a pattern test for Petite Kids Boutique.  There was a call for testers on Facebook, and although I've seen such call-outs before, I've never been brave enough to have a go, and was worried my sewing wouldn't be good enough.  

Anyway, after all the sewing I've been doing lately I felt brave for a challenge and volunteered.  I was so excited when I was contacted and asked to make the 18 month size in this Tiffany Dress PDF pattern.

Hannah generally wears an 18 month size, and her measurements seemed to match the measurements given on the pattern, but seriously, could this little dress fit her any better?  It's like it was designed for her.  Initially I wasn't sure about the red and white polka dot ... thought it might be too much, but now that the dress is finished, I love it.

And what was even more exciting than my first ever pattern testing experience, was that Wong from Petite Kids Boutique liked my little dress and my photos so much that she contacted me and asked if I would mind if she used my pics on the pattern sale listing.  How amazing is that!?!

A week or so later, Petite Kids Boutique put out another call for pattern testers ... this time for a skirt ... the Isla skirt.  I was keen to have another go, and here's the skirt I made ... again in the 18 month size.  The Isla skirt pattern has just been released ... here it is!

I think I may have found a new career ... pattern testing is so much fun!!  Pity it doesn't pay, huh!

And Hannah is definitely loving the modelling ... she'll say "Hannah wear pretties?" whenever she sees some new sewing, and there's no stopping her (or Mummy) then!

Oh, and I think the garden likes it too!

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