Thursday 23 July 2015

Pattern Test: The Cecily Rose Dress

I've been enjoying a bit of pattern-testing lately.  I love the idea of a new pattern, and being part of the  the process and watching any glitches being ironed out during the test, getting inspiration from other testers, and making some new crafty friends along the way.  I also think it's a great way to pick up new sewing techniques and to learn about the pattern design process.

Anyway, when the call-out for testers for this one popped up on Facebook one day, it caught my attention.  This is the new pattern called the Cecily Rose dress by Heidi of Pollywoggles Patterns.  

This dress is reversible .... yep, so effectively you get 2 outfits in 1 sew ...
Same, same ... but different!  For this dress, I raided the discount fabric table at my local spotlight (any excuse for a trip to the fabric store really!).  I picked up the pink floral for $3 per metre, and the metallic silver and blue for $4 per metre.  I liked that both fabrics are very different, but that I could match the blue in both fabrics to give a contrasting waist-band for each side of the dress.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Heidi has also included instructions and a photo tutorial for making this dress non-reversible, so this pattern is great even if you want to save a bit on fabric.
Anyway, which side do you like best?  I was sure I'd like the floral side best, but the blue turned out so well, and is very striking.  I think it's my favourite now.

Bethany?  Well, she loves either side for twirling, and with the full circle-skirt, twirling is really the best thing to be doing!
The other interesting feature in this new pattern is the tie up bodice.  I wasn't sure if I would like that feature at first, but it works really nicely, and is a fun way to give a sneak peek at your contrasting fabric.  I think it will also mean that this dress will survive a growth-spurt or two, and it's great to think a handmade goodie will go the distance, huh!
The final version of this pattern has eradicated the little bit of bunching-up you can see at the back of the bodice in the pic above.  The fit was pretty close to start with, but Heidi has tweaked along the way, and now it's perfect.   I have even made a new bodice to check, and I can vouch for it!
Now Heidi has arranged this pattern beautifully, with a very clear guided tutorial complete with photos and line-drawing references along the way.  

And as an added bonus, the pattern and tutorial for this cute headband has also been included.  I really love this, and have made 3 already.  I can see more to come.  Bethany has recently had her hair cut (*sobs uncontrollably*) and this headband looks great, and holds those short little bits of hair back from falling in her face.  It's also elasticated at the back, and Bethany thinks its the most comfortable headband she's ever worn.  Winner, I'd say!   
So, do you want to pick this pattern up, brand spanking new on the market, and with a discount?  Well, as a special celebration of the Cecily Rose pattern release, there is a discount for a short time if you're quick, so head over and check it out.

And a big thanks to Heidi for having me to test this one.  What a lovely group of ladies there were in the test group, and what a fun ride it was!
Had to put this pic in too ... just 'cause I love her pose!!  Funny girl!

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