Wednesday 20 May 2015

The Boho Trousers and Shorts (and a discount code)

I got to do another pattern test last week ... and we all know how much I love pattern tests.  This time, it was for the lovely Heidi from Elegance and Elephants.  She contacted me to ask if I would be interested in making a pair of shorts or pants to test the pattern for her ... Ahhh, let me think about it for a whole 100th of a second ... YES!!!

Heidi puts together great PDF patterns.  You may remember these ones I did last year.  Anyway, I love that feeling of knowing that a pattern will most likely work out exactly as it should, and that's always the case in my experience with Elegance and Elephants ... I've never had one go wrong!!

Anyway, here's what I made ... Boho Trousers in Size 4 for Hannah.  She loves them as much as me, and I think this bright floral cotton poplin works great for this design.  Hannah specifically requested "butterfly" fabric.  Now, with a stash like mine, you'd think I could easily find one, but it actually took some hunting to find the right weight fabric in my stash with butterflies ... can you see them?  I promise they are there!  Ok, so  there aren't many butterflies I'll admit (maybe a total of two on this whole pair of pants), but Hannah can see them, so she's happy, and really that's all that counts, huh!
This was a super-quick sew ... took me less than an hour once I'd cut the pieces out, and I love a quick project like that.  The pockets are super-cute, and I love the way the waist-band was designed as it completely solves that annoying elastic-twisting issue.  And those shirred ankle sections ... be still my beating heart!!!  Hannah particularly enjoyed blinging herself up for this shoot ... funny little munchkin!

Now, you're wondering how you can try this one out for yourself aren't you?  Elegance and Elephants are offering a 15% off coupon code, but only until 22nd May, so be quick.  You can get the code, here, and here is where you buy the pattern.  The shorts are gorgeous too, and are on my to-do list for next summer!

Oh, and just so you know I have done this post voluntarily.  I was provided with the pattern in exchange for my testing of it, but I have decided to post about it too because I really love this pattern!

Now, to make a pair of these for Bethany too ... I'm off to do some fabric choosing!

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