Saturday 22 November 2014

I'm in a Mag ... and there's a freebie for you!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from an Editor at an online e-zine called DIY Lifestyle Magazine, asking if they could feature a couple of my posts in an upcoming issue ... um, YES!!

Have you seen this mag? I have to admit that I hadn't, but I like it ... there are tonnes of project ideas in it each month.  Have an iPad or iPhone and looking for some DIY inspiration? The lovely magazine people at DIY LifeStyle have kindly made this offer for my beautiful readers.  Just follow this link to Issue 20-November: for your free download. But wait, there’s more! Use the promo code decdiy14 and receive one free month of the magazine!  DIY projects were contributed by many talented bloggers and I am one of the chosen few that is a featured contributor in this month’s issue! 

Anyway after I agreed, they contacted me again to ask for a head-shot and a bio (ha ha ... seems so glamorous, huh!) and then the wait for this month's issue was on!

So you can imagine my excitement when I bought this month's new issue today to find this ...

Yep, that says "Wen from What's Mummy Up To" in the list of Contributors ... *waving arms and dancing excitedly* and then I found this ... 

and this ...

In fact, they reprinted my whole Matching Scraps tutorial and the Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe too!  So much excitement!  So I wanted to do something to celebrate.

Now I can't really share an actual pumpkin cheesecake with you ... although if I could I'd happily make one for you and have cheesecake, coffee and a chat.  I think it could get a bit messy in the mail to you though!  You can however find my recipe here ...

But I can share the love a little with my Matching Scraps game, and for this special occasion I've worked hard this week to get a couple of sets together and listed them on my Etsy Shop for what I think is a very reasonable price, and definitely in time for shipping to you by Christmas (remember though that Australia is a long way from the rest-of-the-world, and international shipping can take up to 3 weeks or more, so if you are one of my lovely international readers, and you'd like a set ... get in quick!)

I've made a blue-toned and more boyish-themed version ...  

...and a pink-toned, more girly version similar to the one in my tutorial from so many moons ago.  You will likely recognise lots of the fabrics from my projects.  I hoard every decent-sized piece of left-over fabric, and this is still a great way to use some of those scraps!!

You know this was my first ever tutorial, and is still by far my most popular.  It's still usually in the top 2-3 posts in my blog stats each week, and has been pinned many many times.  I'm sure that says something about beginner's luck!  Anyway, it's available for free as a tutorial, so head over and have a go at making your own ... if not, there's 2 lovely sets in the shop just for you!

PS. I just love the flower button on this pink set!

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