Friday 7 March 2014

Brown Paper Packages - and a HAPPY SALE

So, as some of you know I started a little Etsy shop a couple of months ago ... hoping that I might be able to fund my fabric/crafting addiction a little. I've made a few sales so far, and here's what those lovely customers have received ...

I love the idea of a brown paper package tied up with string, and I'm so excited about my little cards to add that real What's-Mummy-Up-To touch.  I think I have a little too much fun wrapping and sending these little packages.  I hope the recipients have been happy with their goods so far!

Anyway, this morning I did my usual email check, had a quick browse over Facebook, and checked in on the blog ... I looked at my blog's hit numbers and thought ... "Oh, that looks a little higher than I remembered", so I had a bit more of a look and discovered that my usual daily hits had multiplied by about 7 overnight ... whoa ... something was definitely going on.  With a bit more searching, I found out that All Free Sewing has published my "Sewing Designer" profile and listed a few of my tutorials for Baby clothing and items like these little dresses ... remember them?  How exciting.  

A lovely editor had contacted me a few months ago asking if they could put my profile up, and I had provided a pic and my "About Me" blurb for them to use, and another editor asked me about linking a few more of my tutorials to their site, like these ones, but I had no idea they had gone up yet, and I definitely didn't expect such a great interest.

And that's the kind of thing that makes a blogger's day ... really, just to think someone might actually be interested in something I have to share ... how cool is that!

Anyway, to pass on the happiness, I've decided to have a little sale over at my shop this weekend.  With the extra traffic coming through the blog, there's also been extra traffic coming through the shop, so I figure why not share the happiness with all those lovely people who are interested in What Mummy's Up To, huh!?!

So, for this weekend, if you purchase something at my Etsy store, and use the Coupon Code HAPPYSALE at the checkout, you'll get 20% off the price of your item/s.  Then you'll receive a lovely brown-paper package tied up with string too.

Anyway, a big thanks to All Free Sewing for linking my tutorials, and an even bigger thanks to everyone who reads my waffling!  Have a great weekend. xx

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  1. Congratulations! I'd love a brown paper package tied up with string but I'm not sure if anything would fit/suit me! : )