Monday 24 June 2013

Tutorial: A Project for Daddy

The vast majority of my crafty projects ... in case you haven't noticed .... are for my munchkins.  Well, who can resist whipping up some cute clothing or accessories or something for them .... little girl stuff is just too adorable, always super-quick and I love how thankful and excited they are every time I make something ... Bethany has even called me "amazing" a few times .... that girl definitely knows the way straight to her Mummy's heart!  

Anyway, with the weather feeling very much like winter now, and with the fact that Daddy leaves at some unearthly hour in the absolute freezing cold each morning to catch the bus to work, I thought it was time to craft up a little gem for him.  I thought he'd like a warm winter scarf, and have been thinking for a few months that I would just search the net for a nice masculine-style scarf pattern to crochet up while watching TV.  However, when I did do some searching I didn't really find exactly what I was after.  I really wanted a pattern that went across the rows horizontally (ie the short way), and so many of the patterns I liked went long ways.  The thought of trying to keep my stitches even over such a great distance (I think they generally start with chaining about 300 stitches) just didn't appeal to me.  I like a quick, easy pattern that I can do whilst watching TV or chatting with Daddy in the evenings.

Anyway, so I just decided I'd have a bit of a play around and come up with my own idea.  Now I've never designed a crochet pattern before, so I was so excited when my idea actually worked, and even more excited when Daddy really genuinely said he loves it.  He hasn't really been a scarf-wearer before now, but he seemed keen to give it a try.  He's worn it around the house in the cold of these past few days, and is in awe at how much warmer it makes him ... yay for a Mummy win on this one!!

So, in case anyone else is looking for a super-simple, quick, no-thinking-required scarf pattern for a man in their life, I thought I'd try my hand at writing the pattern down ... yikes.  Please be understanding with me if I've made any silly mistakes, 'cause I've never attempted anything like this before.  I am very happy to accept corrections if anyone finds a mistake! 

Oh, and before you turn away, if you were looking for a women's / kids scarf option, I think this would totally work for that too ... maybe in a different colour, or if you're super keen you could use 2 or three different colours and create a stripe pattern.... 
Well, here goes:

You need:
- 2 balls of 8 ply acrylic yarn (I used Carnival Soft 8ply in Mid Grey)
- 6mm crochet hook (I think that's a size J)

Skill level:  Easy - would suit a beginner

Stitches: (Please note: OK, so I'm an Aussie and Aussie's generally use the UK stitch names, but most of the crochet patterns I've used are American, so I have used American terminology here as it sits better in my brain ... if you're confused about which stitch I mean, I have found this conversion chart  helpful).  Google and Youtube are also a great help if you want some pics / videos of how to make each stitch!

For this scarf I've only used 2 basic stitches ...
- sc - single crochet
- hdc - half double crochet

- Chain 26 (this is the width of the scarf, so you can play with this to make it wider or narrower depending on your preference)

- Row 1 - 1 sc in each ch, turn

- Row 2 - ch 1, 1 hdc in first sc, then 1 hdc in each sc across the row, turn

- Row 3 - ch 1, 1 sc in first hdc, then 1 sc in each hdc across the row, turn

- Remaining rows - Repeat rows 2 and 3 in order until the scarf reaches desired length.  I completed a total of 185 rows).  Finish on a Row 2 (sc).

Edging - I found the edges were looking a little ratty and uneven at this point, so to finish it off nicely, I completed a simple edging in the round along all 4 sides of the scarf.
- From the last stitch, complete a further 2 sc in same stitch for the corner, then turn the corner to the long side, and complete 1 sc in each 1 ch space.  In the last 1 ch space complete 3 sc to help the corner sit square, then continue 1 sc in each starting chain stitch along the top short edge.  At last starting chain, make 3 sc for the corner, then continue down the other long side making 1 sc in each ch 1 space to the end.  Complete 3 sc in last ch space for the corner, then continue along the final short side, completing 1 sc in each sc across.  

- Fasten off, and weave in ends.
And there you have it ... a comfy, warm and super-satisfying hand-made beauty for Daddy.  Now the only person in our house who hasn't benefited from Mummy's crocheting hobby is Mummy!  Off to find a pattern for me I think!


  1. A chain is not a stitch, so basically this uses 2 stitches; sc and hdc.

    1. Oh, thanks for that. I had wondered if chain was considered a stitch or not. I've updated my post!

  2. Love the colour and denseness of the pattern! I wouldn't know an sc or an hdc if they hit me in the face so good on you for giving it a go! :D