Friday 3 August 2012

I made something (drum-roll) ... FOR A BOY!!

So, with all the hat craziness this year (see this post), I decided to make one for a little girl-friend of Bethany's.  It's purple, with a cute purple and white layered flower from this pattern.  (Should have taken a photo, huh!) As I was making this little-girls' hat, I was thinking about her big brother who is the same age as Bethany, wondering if he would get a kick out of a hand-made hat or whether, being a boy, he would think the whole idea was a bit boring.

Now, having no little pre-school boys in my family or extended family, I really had no idea what he would be into.  I really struggle with ideas for little boys generally.  We recently went to a little boy's birthday party, and was told he liked "Ben 10".  I didn't even really know what that was, but went hunting with Bethany to find something "Ben 10".  We found a figurine, which I can only imagine is some kind of Alien.  Showed it to Bethany and she said "But Mummy....what is it?"  I told her as best I could, then she said "Oh, OK then" very unconvincingly, and quickly exited the boys toy aisle in search of "the pink aisles".

Anyway, so we meet up with our little friends, and Bethany excitedly hands over the gorgeous purple hat ... our little friend absolutely loved it, jammed it straight on her head and paraded around.  Well, the look of expectancy, then dismay on her big brother's face when he realised there was none for him. Cringe!!!  I instantly felt terrible that I hadn't just made him one in case he wanted it.  I fessed up to him that I wasn't sure if he'd want one, and he assured me he really would, so I asked him what colour he would like, and what he would like on it (instead of a flower).  Without hesitation he responded with: "A green hat ... with a Dinosaur".

"Oh golly, what did I get myself into?" was my first reaction, followed by "Well, here's a challenge I guess".

Off I went in search of some 4-year-old-boy-suitable green yarn.  Found it at Kmart (love the camo look), and got the hat done using this pattern that very evening.  Then I spent the next 4-5 days pondering about how I might crochet a dinosaur. Hmmmm!  I got out the crochet hooks, and had a go at designing a dinosaur, but just couldn't make it look right.  Next stop, google!  Searched for "Dinosaur silhouette's", and found a plethora for free online.  Printed it off, found some black felt, cut it out and sewed it on to the hat.  Boys hat No 1 for me....mastered!

And the reaction ... a huge smile (enough to melt any heart), and reports of a gorgeous boy wearing it everywhere!


  1. And he absolutely loves it! He is so proud of it and immediately rang his grandparents to tell them about it. Then I got in trouble because we forgot to take it to show them next time round.

    I love your blog Wen, you write so well I can hear you talking to me through my screen

  2. There's going to be some cool boys walking around soon I think, gorgeous work!

  3. My sister has the same problem when making things for my daughter and son. She likes to keep things equal, but as he gets older, she struggles with what he'll like. Nice work Wen, hat's gorgeous!