Wednesday 12 April 2017

Couldn't Resist An Easter Dress ... Or 2!

It's school holidays here this week, and for me that means not rushing out the door in the morning, staying in our PJ's for a while longer, spending some extra quality time with my girls, and of course, cracking out some craft whenever there's an opportunity.  So when I saw this adorable post from CraftiMom on Peek-A-Boo Pages, I set it aside for the start of the holidays, which this year coincide perfectly with Easter ... how convenient.

First port-of-call was to find the right fabrics ... well, you know how there's just those magical days at the fabric shop when you find the perfect ones, and all goes to plan?  This was one of those days.  
First of all, I found this gorgeous rainbow bunny-print knit for Hannah.  She's our rainbow-lover, and this fabric just suits her perfectly.  There was a metre left on the bolt, which was JUST enough for this dress for Hannah.  For this, I used the Snapdragon Dress from Sew Like My Mom.  I've had this pattern sitting in my pattern file for a while, but this is the first one I've sewn, and it definitely won't be the last.  It's a really cute little dress, and perfect for 5-year-old Hannah (when did she get so big!?!).  Oh, and I just love those sleeves.  It was totally a simple hack to add the bunny cut-out too.  You just need enough fabric to cut out a second back piece to do it.  It comes together beautifully, and Hannah loves it.
And check out that bunny back!!  Ca-ute!!!  And my very practically-minded Hannah thinks it's great to have a bunny-hole right there so it's easy to "scratch my back when I'm itchy".  Ha, she's hilarious!!!
Then I found this baby-bunny-print knit fabric for Bethany.  Another perfect match for my not-so-little-anymore 9-year old.  She loves that the fabric is not "babyish" but that it's "soooooo sweet!".  Seriously, when did she start talking like a teenager!?!  Anyway ...

Lots of the patterns I've collected over time only go to a size 8, which is heartbreaking.  For Bethany I'm mostly making or buying size 10 now (she's really about a size 9, but growing like a weed so it's good to have some extra room to grow).  So as I despairingly discovered that she's just too big for so many of these cute patterns, I decided I'd just hack this one and make it work.
I used the Hemlock Top pattern from Elegance and Elephants, which goes to a size 9  (Thank you Heidi!!).  I was lucky enough to test this one a couple of years ago, so I knew the pattern would be great, and true to size.  I ditched the shoulder "flounce" as I figured this fabric was probably busy enough without it, and went the long sleeve option seeing as we seem to have gone straight from summer to winter here of late.
I then shortened the top by about 5 inches and added a simple gathered skirt just using the width of the fabric, and a quick measure of Bethany to get the right length.  It worked beautifully, and I think she will get a couple of other dresses using this same pattern this winter.  Such a quick and easy sew.
And of course she got the bunny cut-out too. (Oh, and I'm going to add a belt-loop on each side before Sunday to stop that pesky belt from moving, 'cause it does look great with a belt and some winter boots, huh!) 

Anyway, just thought I'd share what you can do with this awesome Easter hack.  There's still time of you're looking for a quick last-minute Easter dress.  

Hoping for a happy and blessed Easter for you and your family (oh, and that the bunny with the chocolate treats you well!).